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Voice of Takshasila by Degree + IAS students 
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Ramya- Degree + IAS @ Voice of Takshasila Objective- Takshasila IAS Academy
Ramya Studying 2nd Year of Degree + IAS @ Takshasila IAS Academy, Contributing time in sharing her Knowledge to others through Voice of Takshasila
Corona Virus by Sandya- Takshasila IAS Academy
Judiciary Vs Speaker Powers- Sailoosha -Student of Takshasila IAS Academy, Vijayawada
Sailoosha- Degree + IAS student of Takshasila IAS Academy, explaining recent updates on speaker powers on defection & Supreme court guidelines on speaker powers.
New Moore Island- India & Bangladesh Dispute- by student@ Takshashila IAS Academy
All about New Moore Island- Dispute between India and Bangladesh
Katchateevu Island-Dispute between India & Srilanka- by Geethika- Degree+IAS student @Takshasila IAS
all about KATCHATEEVU Island & regarding the dispute between India & Srilanka, Explained by Geethika- Degree + IAS first year student studying in Takshasila IAS Academy. Grammer Correction in questions # where is the excact Location of "THIS" Island? # "Does" this
Detail Information on Corona Virus in Telugu to create awareness in society...
Takshasila IAS Academy students effort to create awareness about Corona Virus. Issued in Public Interest...
Punishments- Janata Curfew Violators- Legal Provisions- IPC- Sections 269,270,271- Takshasila IAS..
Punishments may be applied- Janata Curfew in view of Corona Spread Violators- Legal Provisions- IPC- Sections 269,270,271- explained by Takshasila IAS Academy Students.. #IndiaFightsCorona#
Action and punishment against who disobey lockdown.......
leagal provisions by takshasila IAS Academy students to share knowledge
Flag Code of India-by- Lahari-Takshasila IAS Academy Degree+IAS first Year Student
Lahari studying Degree+IAS first year in Takshasila IAS Academy explaining Flag Code of India Every Indian should know this.
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