The jobless growth of India economy has only worsened due to the pandemic. Look at the issues and suggest measures for tackling the issues (250 words)
The United States announced support for waiving intellectual property protection for COVID-19 vaccines, saying extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary measures. The IP waiver might open up space production of Covid vaccines with emergency use authorisations search as those developed by Pfizer, Moderna Astrazeneca etc. If the vaccines are patent protected only a few pharmaceutical companies from developed western countries would be able to manufacture it. This type of technology is in accessible to developing and underdeveloped countries such as India,
* Because of trips waiver it will allow the formula to be shared with other countries.
* The present scenario this move can help scale up production to meet demand besides making the vaccines more affordable to everyone.
* India's can tackle the third wave
              Although trips waiver List the legal restriction on manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines it would not solve the problem of the lack of access to technologies in manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines. India should focus on developing of infrastructure too. A Trips Waiver is useful but not a magic pill.
What are parliamentary standing committees? Why are they so important part of democracy ? Discuss (250 words). 
The work done by the Parliament in modern times is considerable in volume in nature. The time
at its disposal is limited. It cannot, therefore give close consideration to the details of all the
legislative and other matters that come. Hence Parliamentary committees are necessary for a
detailed study on specific matters. There are two types of Parliamentary committees:
1.Ad hoc committees – appointed for a specific purpose and they cease to
exist after their purpose is served
2.Standing committees-permanent committees.
There are totally 24 Parliamentary standing committees.
These are permanent and regular committees. Ex: accounts, financial committee, Estimates
* They provide a forum for building consensus across political parties.
* Detailed scrutiny of the bills.
* Obtaining public feedback.
* Committees perform their functions without the cloud of political positioning
* functions through the year.
* increase the efficiency and expertise of Parliament
Standing committees' importance in democracy:
1. Government accountability increases.
2. Various expertise on subject matter of law.
3. Ensures answerability and participation of MP's.
4. The estimates committee does a detailed examination of the budget estimates. Which helps
in economic growth.
Both Parliamentary and Cabinet committee are not a part of the Constitution but they
ensure democracy and governance. Because of this government can make better policies for the
welfare of the people.

Examine the issues involved with the recently passed Gvt of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment)
 Act 2021.(200 words)
The Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi Amendment Act 2021,came into force on April 27,2021. This act gives primacy to the Lieutenant Governor over the elected government in the national capital.
* This act is an amendment to the Government of National Territory of Delhi Act 1991.
Government of National Territory of Delhi Act 1991
* It was in 1991 that Delhi was given a fully elected legislative assembly.
* This Act conferred the union territory of Delhi with special status as " National Capital Territory of Delhi "
* It also conferred on the assembly on the assembly the power to legislate on all matters related to state as well as concurrent list.
* In case of difference between Lieutenant Governor and council of minister, Lieutenant Governor can take any action on the matter as he/she deems appropriate.
But later on encourgaged by the verdict of supreme court , the state government had stopped sending files on executive matters to the Lieutenant governor before implementation. Finally this became a backdrop in which the Amendment has been brought about.
Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi Amendment Act 2021.
* The term 'government' mentioned in any law refers to Lieutenant Governor of Delhi. 

Judiciary has generally been protective of the federal structure of the constitution, especially in more recent decades. Analyze this statement in light of judicial federalism in India (250words)
The Right to Education Act, 2009 under Article 21 (a) of the Indian Constitution makes education a fundamental right of every child between the ages 6 and 14 and specifies minimum norms in elementary schools.
Despite 10 years since its implementation, the RTE has not achieved/given the desired results indicating inconsistencies within it. These need to be addressed on an urgent basis.
Drawbacks –
Covering only the age group of 6-14 years, the RTE leaves out the nascent developmental stage of learning age group and adolescents, i.e, 2-6 years and 14-18 years.
Not all the private schools reserve 25% of seats to children, admissions are given on the basis of economic status and caste base, donations are taken and interviews conducted, all violative of the RTE.
Children with special needs are not covered under the ambit of RTE, but under Persons with Disabilities Act hindering them from getting quality education.
Exclusion of minority schools from RTE.
The improvement of infrastructure (passing on the buck to the private schools instead of improving the quality of public schools), teacher-student ratio and faculty are not followed because of funds deficiency.
Children in India, are enrolled in schools based on their age and not on the basis of knowledge.
Suggestive Measures –
Biennial surveys to be conducted.
Recruiting teachers to be on par with the recommended teacher – student ratio.
Education system should be revamped, where young minds are not treated as an empty pot but inherent potential to be an informed citizens possessed with life skills.
Quality and not quantity should be valued for number of institutions and teachers.
With the New Education Policy, 2020 guidelines should be followed.
The RTE, 2009 was itself a huge accomplishment but, improvising it in line with the current needs are the need of the hour.

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