Our Uniqueness in Faculty & Mentors
Takshasila IAS Academy is the Only Academy Run by IAS-IPS-IRS Officers & Expert Trainers.
What Makes Takshasila IAS Academy Faculty Unique?
                  Takshasila Faculty/Mentors Team
14 Retired IAS-IPS-IRS Officers & Experts (Directors)
-Experienced & Dedicated Faculty ( Delhi & Hyd )
-Full-Time Faculty for our 3 branches at Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam & Hyderabad.
-IAS Officer(R) as Full-Time Academic Director

Takshasila has more number of Permanent Faculty, when compared to any other institution. as we have 3 branches across A.P & Telangana, We have the potential to maintain Reputed Faculty Full-Time. 
Voice of Takshasila
We Train our students on par with excellence
     Voice of Takshasila
                                    First Time in India 
Takshasila Students are trained exceptionally, to prepare Current affairs on their own from different sources, competing with other Institutions faculty.
Check Out- Many Institutions Make videos by their faculty members. But faculty are not permanent in most of the institutions.
Takshasila IAS Academy is the only institution where we make our students learn and develop these skills (Current Affairs Skills- News Paper Decoding & other Sources, Communication Skills & Presentation Skills, etc.) and present them on par with any other faculty of other institutions

If students are trained like this - it's the one-stop solution for all their preparation.
Our Unique Initiative
       Preparation Diary
For the first time in India, Takshasila IAS Academy introduced this concept of Preparation Diary.

This Diary helps students, Parents & Teachers in many ways, it will be explained to students & Parents at the academy.
This concept is being inspired & followed by many other institutions nowadays. 

( Credits to Dr.Durga Prasad Garu (Founder -Takshasila IAS Academy) for this Unique Initiative)
Our Unique Identity
Our spices are made from superior quality raw material, sourced from the best of farms.
  Mentoring by IAS-IPS Officers
       (Our Directors & Advisors)
Takshasila IAS Academy Is the only Academy with a team of Retired IAS-IPS Officers as Directors & Advisors, who are Ex-UPSC Board members, Public service commission chairpersons & Experts in administration.
This team will monitor the Programmes of training at the academy, Encourages & motivates the aspirants in the right direction.
This kind of Regular Interaction with IAS-IPS Officers is possible only at Takshasila, because of its Directors Panel.
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